Jason Barrie

Full-stack UX designer near Baltimore, who loves to design, play guitar & travel.

My passion for design began as a teenager when our family bought a *very powerful* 100mHZ Gateway desktop and AOL dial-up. I started playing with Photoshop and creating very rudimentary web pages, with excessive use of the long-dead blink tag.

Today I am a Full-stack UX designer focused on creating user-centric experiences informed by data. One of the most delightful parts of experience design is getting to know your users and empathizing with them in order to serve their needs. I love talking to real people, like they are real people. I’ve found that being genuine and friendly while guiding the conversation produces strong outcomes – they will open up a bit more, and let you dig in to get the answers you need.

Users never cease to surprise me. I’ve tested designs that we thought were bulletprpoof and wound up with a slew of enhancements that were never anticipated. It’s exhilarating to uncover these gems and polish them.

My expertise includes: User experience design, Interaction design, Interface design, Visual design, Motion design, Design systems, User research/testing, Customer Journeys, Personas, Workshop facilitation, Information architecture, front-end development, prototyping, wireframing, CMS, Sketch, Adobe Suite, e-commerce, SEO, social media, project management

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